What Pokémon Go can teach us about Breathing Places


Even though Pokémon Go popularity has declined in the last few weeks, its influence on the world cannot be underestimated. The truth is, people don’t think too much about health, fitness or spending more time in fresh air. But if you make something that they really like but does require a little bit of activity, they will gladly take you upon it.

No matter how much you or us think the world is about everyone being for himself/herself, clever tricks can influence masses and influence the world we live in. Pokémon Go urged people to spend more time outside. In the same way smart politicians and organizations have used human psychology tricks.

Disneyland, for example, knows that people are inherently lazy. So they put a trash can every 30 feet to make sure that whenever a person has something to throw out, he or she doesn’t need to look for a trash can. Similarly, politicians used these tricks to influence the way people recycle, park their cars, etc. Did you know that in Moscow, Russia you are allowed not to pay for your subway ticket? But you have to do 10 sit-ups in exchange.


We suggest that we can learn from Pokémon Go and take it a step further. We at Breathing Places think that we, as society, could also transform some of the parks and breathing places in general. What’s would be the point of this transformation? Let’s just say, if you can do something indoors, let’s make it possible outdoors, as well. We think that in order to encourage healthier lifestyles, the first step is getting people spend more time outside. Let’s bring back the cinema to the outdoors. Why not make parks with video game access? Maybe an adult-themed park with real money slots?

There is so much we could think of just form the top of our heads. But there is no reason why it couldn’t work. The fact is that with new online services, the development of the VR technologies, etc., people are spending an increasing amount of time in their homes. More parks, more breathing places are needed to bring people back together, encourage interaction and healthy lifestyle.