Registration – 3 step

The third step of registration at the Breathing Places is also optional. However, if you want to make the most of your every trip, we want to encourage you to join our Weekly Traveler’s digest. Keep in mind, our digest is still not making a return for a couple of months. We are working very hard in bring it back but it will be relaunched only when it is 100% perfect.

As planned, the newsletter will contain new places that we discover and want to share with you. This will be a global list covering all continents but centered more on the locations which our subscribers are from. In addition, we are also partnering with travel agencies, hotels and other important services in the industry. Every week you will get the best offers right in your inbox.

As we mentioned, the digest relaunch is still a couple of months away. But you already can join our list. As an early bird subscriber, you will get a virtual basket of gifts from the Breathing Places. It includes a special gift code for 30% off travel tickets (applies to all two-ways train and airplane tickets), also our secret list of our top tourist attractions in Europe, Asia, US and Canada and more.

Also, we want to encourage you to send us suggestions and comments. If there is anything that you would like to see in our weekly newsletter, let us know. We are really determined to make this the best newsletter there is online and the only way we can be sure it’s perfect, it is by making just the way you like.