Registration – 2 step

As a new member at the Breathing places, you will get access to our Facebook community. So, as a step 2 of the registration, even though it’s completely optional, we want to urge you to join our community (Go to Step 3). It’s a private Facebook group with over 1,000 dedicated member sharing their experiences and advice on how to travel better, see more and avoid the most common mistakes.

Here’s an example. Tom says: ”Travel lighter. You really don’t need as much as you think you need. Stack up on socks, a few pairs of underwear but when it comes to pants and jackets, take the minimalist approach. It’s not a fashion show. No one cares that you wear the same clothes for two days in a row. While the benefits of traveling light are humongous. They really are, especially if you are going to travel a lot on foot.”

Also, in our Facebook community you can find accommodation that can be cheaper than renting a hotel, but more importantly, it will give you the real sense of traveling. When we travel in foreign countries, a hotel room is the safe option but it’s also the boring one. If you really want to meet new people, experience new cultures, then always get a place with the locals. Not only it will be cheaper, but in many cases they will also gladly show you the best places in town – from restaurants to street vendors, from parks to museums and much more.

So get involved. Join our Facebook community, talk to people, find out more about the places you are planning to visit. There’s no reason to go back to the same holiday spot every year. Discover, experience, meet new people and bring back memories to last for a lifetime.