Windsor Castle is a 11th century castle built in Berkshire. It has served as a royal residence by every English monarch since Henry I. In fact, it’s the longest castle to be in use in the whole Europe as well as the largest inhabited castle in the whole world.


It was originally built as a motte-and-bailey castle to help England protect from the Normans. Since it was built, it has been fortified several times.

In the 13th century it was a residence to Henry III. He commanded to build a luxurious palace inside the walls of Windsor that was later improved by Edward II. The castle suffered greatly during the wars, especially the 9 years of the Civil War. However, afterwards it was restored almost completely by Charles II.

Today Windsor castle is very popular among tourists. As one of the oldest castles in the world, it has plenty to see and experience. There are a lot of Gothic and Baroque details as well as Rococo. Even though it suffered a fire in 1992, it was completely restored and now serves as a weekend home to the current ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth II.