Hurst Park and Meadows

Molesey Hurst Park and Meadows is located in East Molesey, Surrey. It’s a place that has been carefully preserved for the last 20 years and which has showed tremendous results. We don’t often talk about meadows but Hurst Park and Meadows are very special. After a carefully strategic planning from the local government and people, this natural reserve has thrived in wildlife and a vast variety of plants.

In 2011 there were attempts to build a double cricket field in the area which obviously would have reversed everything that has been done for the park in the last two decades. Luckily, the will of the people triumphed. After the public outrage the plans to build a cricket field were removed from the government’s agenda.

If you want to visit a place of true natural beauty, this is the ultimate experience. Peaceful but lively, Hurst Park and Meadows is your ticket to nature.