Ham Hill Country Park

Ham Hill Country Park is located in Somerset, England. It is a multi-purpose park used as a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest, Roman site, Local Natural Reserve and more. We’ll be talking about than a little later.

ham_hillFirst, the origins. The name of Ham Hill means “the settlement hill” in the Old English. The settlement was built by the Durotriges tribe in the 1st century BC. Even in today’s standards, it was a massive settlement exceeding 85ha in area. Later, in the 45 AD it was captured by the Romans led by Vespasian, the Roman Emperor from 69 AD to 79 AD.

Ham Hill Park is also a Local natural Reserve because of the rare calcareous grassland which is very important for a variety of species and plants. And it’s not about a couple of insects. Animal species that need this rare calcareous grassland go from birds to reptiles and mammals while as far as flora is concerned, it’s important to a variety of fungi, ferns, lichens and flowering plants.