Create a Breathing Place


You know that bit of land you walk past every day and think someone should really clean that up and make it wonderful for all the wildlife and people round here. Now’s your chance to do it yourself.

A Breathing Place could be almost anywhere:

  • a corner of unused land at your children’s school
  • waste-land at the end of your road
  • part of a local cemetery or park
  • the grounds of your village hall or community centre

Once you know where it is you’ll have to go through some formalities:

  • find out who owns the land
  • check the owners are happy for you to create a Breathing Place there
  • apply for planning permission (if applicable)
  • register your Breathing Place by filling out our form.

Finding out who owns land can sometimes be a bit tricky. Your local council is the best place to start. They can let you know if the land is owned by them or privately. The good news is that if it’s owned by them, most councils have green space policies and are more than happy to get a bit of help to clean them up.

If it’s not owned by the council then ask around. Do your neighbours, parish vicars or local community groups know who owns it? Someone should know something! If you’re really struggling then the next best option is the land registry. They offer a chargeable service but if you draw them a sketch of the area and fill out a form they can find out who owns the land for you.