Caper Manor Gardens

Caper Manor Gardens are beautiful. Do yourself a favor and if you’re around, especially in summer, dedicate a whole day to these gardens because they have got it all. Caper Manor Gardens surround Victorian stables and Georgian Manor House. In 30-acres you’ll find an Italianate Maze, a Japanese Garden, an animal corner. No matter whether you’re going alone, with a date or family, there’s plenty to see.

Central Park

Do you realize that in New York a square foot of real estate can cost up to $1,400? That’s for us makes Central Park, a 843-acre piece of land in the very center of New York even more spectacular. It’s also the second most visited object in U.S., following only the Times Square. A day is not enough to list of the amazing things to see in this park so just lose yourself in a moment and discover its endless beauty.

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