Welcome to our guide to Public places. We often hear about misjudgment by people who don’t know how to act in certain situations when visiting another country. So, to help everyone understand different cultures and norms around the world, we have created this directory.

Our world is vast. We all grow up following different traditions, we find different things flattering or offensive. The last thing we want to do when we are in a foreign country is offend the culture of the locals. Traveling is amazing but you also commit to following some level of responsibility to the people that you are visiting. Strangely, when we go to a friend’s house, we also act respectfully to their house. But when we are in a foreign country far away from home, we sometimes get a little carried away. We feel free to do whatever we want because no one knows us. We leave our limitations behind and possibly, in those moments we are truly ourselves. And it’s not bad. That’s actually one of the best part about traveling. But there are lines that we are ought not to cross. Not only because of the moral reasons but because sometimes crossing these lines can get us in a whole a lot of trouble which potentially could ruin our whole holiday.


Someone was recently imprisoned in Dubai, Saudi Arabia for kissing in public. A student was sentenced to 20 years in work camps of North Korea for taking an inappropriate photograph.

These stories can go on and on. And the problem is not bad behavior. By most standards these may seem the most appropriate acts except in one or two countries for political or historical reasons.

Hopefully, when you are visiting a foreign country you will refer to this directory and learn more about things you should and shouldn’t do in that country.

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